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Anchored in Vancouver, British Columbia, and pulsating with creativity in Bogota, Colombia, our Canadian studio emerges as a collaborative masterpiece. Building on a legacy of over 1,500 hours of on-air animated programming, we proudly wear the mantle of the last bastion for hand-drawn animation post-Disney's 2013 exit.

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Defining Evil

Tonya (almost)
​Saves the Earth!

Get ready for a unique cinematic experience with "Defining Evil," an animated documentary comedy feature that dives headfirst into the diverse interpretations of the term "Evil." Soldiers, academics, murderers, addicts, victims, lawyers, and even sex traffickers share their perspectives, creating a vibrant tapestry of insights that challenges conventional thinking.

This film is no ordinary documentary; it's a rollercoaster of laughter, revelation, and deep contemplation. Brace yourself for a journey that is both amusing and introspective, as "Defining Evil" artfully explores the profound philosophical depths behind a term that lacks a universal definition. Get ready to laugh, reflect, and learn as the film navigates the intricate web of perspectives on what truly defines "Evil."

Step into the whimsical world of Pet, a 10-year-old human thrust into an alien family. When the Galactic Federation mandates the return of sentient alien pets, Pet's crash course in Earthly knowledge becomes an exciting adventure. Teaming up with CheeHee and five brilliant Earth animals from the Alien Intelligence Lab, they embark on a mission to educate Pet on the ins and outs of being a normal human.

This animated series unfolds as a delightful comedy and social parody, all while providing an educational extravaganza. Join Pet and his extraordinary friends as they cover a comprehensive Kindergarten through 3rd Grade curriculum, offering an unprecedented blend of laughter and learning. Get ready for an interstellar journey that teaches the entire science and math curriculum for the USA, UK, and China, making it a must-watch for young minds.


Prepare for an unparalleled cinematic experience with "Cosmic Journey," the phenomenal IMAX film now reimagined for Virtual Reality. Crafted by Academy Award-winning Producer Nick Reed and Director Jonathan Kitzen, this visionary journey takes real images of planets, nebulae, and galaxies and elevates them through cutting-edge animation that defies the boundaries of imagination.

The reviews speak for themselves, “The film gives scale and depth to the unimaginable, it was like being there.”

In this immersive Virtual Reality odyssey, Soar into the cloud tops of Jupiter, glide through mesmerizing nebulae, and embark on a mind-bending voyage from Earth to the edge of the Universe. "Cosmic Journey" in stereoscopic VR offers an unprecedented exploration of the cosmos, where reality and imagination converge in an awe-inspiring symphony.

Introducing "Machetes," a riveting animated series tailored for a dynamic 20-year-old audience. Delve into the gripping narrative of "EL CURADOR" (THE CURE), a mysterious vigilante on a relentless quest for truth, justice, and the indomitable spirit. The storyline unfolds as he confronts insurmountable challenges to rescue his daughter, abducted and ensnared in the web of sex trafficking within the USA.

Embracing his MacGyver-esque ingenuity, The Curador transforms ordinary household items into lethal weapons, honed through his unconventional training behind bars. His journey unfolds within the global tapestry of "Defensa," a clandestine vigilante network aptly named "Reckoning Blades." Comprising working-class Mexicans on both sides of the border, these unsung heroes stand against cartels, corrupt authorities, and governmental malfeasance.

Armed with a symbol of resilience, the humble machete owned by every struggling farmer, the Machetes embark on a relentless battle for justice. This mature-themed animated series explores the complexities of societal strife, delivering a gritty, action-packed comedic narrative that resonates with the energy and ideals of a discerning 20-year-old audience

The foremost haven for hand-drawn artistry in the Western Hemisphere.

Meet Tonya, an ordinary 14-year-old navigating the challenges of high school without the spotlight of academic brilliance or athletic prowess. Little does she know, her unassuming life takes a cosmic turn when she's randomly selected to be Earth's defender against an impending alien threat. These extraterrestrial beings, convinced that humans are the epitome of violence and aggression, have singled out Tonya for an extraordinary mission.

According to the aliens, humanity poses a threat to universal peace, and as evidence, they present intercepted Hollywood movies. . Now, Tonya must rise from her unremarkable status to become an unexpected champion, defending humankind against cosmic judgment and proving that there's more to humanity than meets the alien eye.

Embark on an epic 3D journey with "Soldiers' Stories," the largest and most intricate documentary ever crafted, boasting a staggering 72-megapixel master—36 times the resolution of HD. A cinematic marvel "one-hundred years in the making," this groundbreaking film resurrects real 3D images from World War I, breathing life into history through extensive restoration and animation, creating a spellbinding experience known as "historical VR."

With a multitude of awards and accolades, including praise from Forbes, New York Times, and Dateline, "Soldiers' Stories" is a poignant and emotionally charged exploration into the life of a World War I soldier. Narrated by the firsthand experiences of real veterans, the film delves deep into the essence of what it means to fight in WW1, unraveling the tales of those who perished a century ago.

Join us in honoring the memories of the fallen and embracing the powerful message of Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, and Armistice Day—an invitation to "never forget."

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