Despite the move to CGI, hand drawn films rank as more appealing to audiences.  There is still a need and desire for hand drawn in the market. We can make hand drawn at a price competitive level with CGI and with a faster output which gives us an ability to release films faster than any other company.


Last Standing Studio is dedicated to creating engaging stories that transport your mind to new places, while showcasing the full potential of animated content. 

Our portfolio includes science fiction and historical projects that catapult the viewer to a new world that might otherwise be impossible or too expensive to experience – essentially we leverage the strengths of animation.

Indulge in your passion

​with Last Studio Standing INC.

Indulge your passion for animation with Last Studio Standing Inc., the foremost haven for hand-drawn artistry in the Western Hemisphere. Anchored in Vancouver, British Columbia, and pulsating with creativity in Bogota, Colombia, our Canadian studio emerges as a collaborative masterpiece. Building on a legacy of over 1,500 hours of on-air animated programming, we proudly wear the mantle of the last bastion for hand-drawn animation post-Disney's 2013 exit.

Diverging from the CGI norm, Last Studio Standing celebrates the timeless elegance of hand-drawn animation, captivating discerning audiences of all ages but targeting those aged 20 and above. Our expertise lies in crafting captivating science and science-fiction animations tailored for children, families, and aficionados of mature storytelling. Renowned for our commitment to delivering premium animation with unmatched speed compared to CGI, we set the stage for a dynamic and immersive experience.

Embark on an animated odyssey through our portfolio, where hand-drawn magic brings to life science fiction and historical realms. While we navigate diverse genres, our artistic evolution has driven us towards a focus on adult-themed animated content, recognizing its underserved brilliance.

In a realm dominated by CGI, Last Studio Standing remains steadfast in championing the enduring allure of hand-drawn animation. Beyond mere nostalgia, we redefine the narrative by delivering hand-drawn gems at a competitive cost and an unmatched pace, ensuring an enriching journey for animation enthusiasts who appreciate the true artistry behind each frame.